Bournemouth Youth Marching Band

Amici Per Musicam - Friends Through Music


From a Concert .....

Absolutely amazing. Great evening out. Everyone was brilliant. Well done to all the band and the helpers. Great night.
From a Member ........

I go to band practice every week and as much as I love playing music It is also a great way to make lots of new friends who share the same interests.

You don’t need to play an Instrument to join band, they will help you to learn.
From a Concert.....

Fantastic evening! The band is sounding so good and it’s clear to see all the effort that’s going into the performances. Great work everyone
From a Carnival Chairman ......

Thank you again for joining us and wow, what a team you had - great crew and great routines.

I was fortunate to be at Castleman Roundabout and I signalled to do a routine.  Best band routine I saw across the day hands down.  

Very best wishes to you and all the band.
From a Remembrance Parade Organiser .......

Thank you once again for supporting West Moors, as usual the band were great.

I have known and worked with the Bournemouth Youth Marching Band throughout my seven years as Chairman of the Royal British Legion at Ferndown, where they became our band of choice for Remembrance Parades and commemorations, public concerts annual events.

In selecting the band for both local and County events, we paid particular attention to their proven standards of performance and the range and regular updating of their repertoire from military classics to modern and popular themes. They also impressed with their versatility in switching from performing on the march to playing in concert at indoor and outdoor venues.

It was particularly important to us that a guiding principle of the band is to maintain that level of performance whilst introducing new musicians from as young as eight years old; allowing and encouraging them from the start to play in public performances and inspiring levels of achievement remarkable in their young players, while still making it fun to be involved.

This engagement with young people is a key policy of our own organisation and it remains a pleasure to support it in action and applaud the leaders and mature members of the band for making this happen repeatedly with successive generations of young players. It is no surprise, and to their lasting credit, that they have developed young musicians to the point where band members have gone on to pursue careers in music and have also been accepted into military colleges of music and prestigious armed services bands.

Their level of excellence in performance has also made them an invaluable part of the planning of events, contributing to both content and presentation. It has been a pleasure to work with the band and I look forward to continuing to do so in future.


Grant Parrott

The Royal British Legion

Dorset County Committee

Bournemouth Youth Marching Band (BYMB) is open to children from nine years of age with no previous experience needed. It provides  musical instruments and the training required to play them in a military style marching and concert band setting. Along with the musical and drill instruction comes a strong sense of discipline, teamwork and sense of pride that is associated with being a part of something worth while and meaningful in the wider community. All of this is provided at a vastly reduced personal cost when compared to private musical tuition and the cost of purchasing an instrument.

Youth marching bands such as BYMB are a proven route into the professional military bands of the UK and has in fact seen three of it’s members join both the Royal Marines Band Service and The Corps of Army Music in the last year alone. I myself started in a youth band at nine years of age as a complete beginner and at nineteen years old had all the skills, discipline, and confidence to pass an audition to join one of the best military bands in the world as a solo clarinettist. Without doubt I would not have done this without the Forum Marching Brass Youth Band in Blandford, Dorset.

The skills and discipline instilled in youth band members is something that will last a lifetime and stand them in good stead what ever career path they choose in adult life.

I have been helping/teaching the BYMB in the latter years of my professional career and continue to benefit from the opportunities provided by youth marching bands. Being able to conduct and train the band was mutually beneficial as I could share my 20 years of knowledge and experience in the Royal Marines Band Service whilst furthering my own personal development in conducting and band direction.

To summarise, youth bands - including the Bournemouth Youth Marching Band provide an invaluable platform of knowledge and character for children that will stay with them for life and undoubtedly make them prime recruitment candidates for professional military bands.

Band Sergeant Adrian Imm Dip ABRSM
Solo Clarinettist
Royal Marines Band Portsmouth, The Royal Band
From a Member .....

I like being in the Band. I like playing the cornet.

I have made lots of good firends and I really love performing in carnivals.
From a Member and Parent .......

This is just not a band but a family.

I was in the band when I was younger and enjoyed the friendships I made and the experiences that these organisations provide.

My son is now in the band and has flourished with the brilliant coaching, he went in not knowing anything and can now read music and play. This has been possible by the brilliant bandmaster and helpers that do all this in their own time. It has been wonderful to see him grow in confidence

I have recently rejoined after 20 years away and the band have made us both feel welcome.
From a Member .......

I like being part of BYMB because I like learning to play the drum and I feel accepted for being me and feeling part of a family.
From a Member ,,,,,,

I love the Band because music is my favourite subject. I have been in the Band for just over 2 years now.

There are a lot of nice people there that want to learn too.

My day would not be complete without going to Band on a Wednesday night .

I've made alot of friends in the Band since I  joined. I'm always made to feel welcome and treated as an equal.

I loved going on Band Tour last year and can't want to go again.I always feel proud when I'm marching in carnivals or taking part in events .

I'm planning never to leave the Band!
From a Member .......

Band is brill!
From a Member ......

Bournemouth Youth Marching Band is like my second family.

I honestly can’t express how amazing it is to be part of a Marching Band.
From a Member ......

I like Band because i like to play the cornet.

I've met some good friends. 

I really enjoyed the Band Tour to Germany.
From a Parent .......

My son has been in the band for just over 2 years.Since joining he has become more confident and has self belief in everything he does. He loves going to band practice every week and will never miss it .He has made so many friends ,who to be honest are more like family.He has also learning the snare drum and is  learning to read music.

My son has ASD and I feel that  the band and all of its members  are very inclusive of others.I am part of the fundraising team for the band and I have also made some great friends and enjoy helping to support the band.I cannot recommend the whole experience enough for any other young person who wants to learn music, be part of a team and also have lots of fun in the process.
From a Parent ......

My son has gained so much from the BYMB family
From a Parent ...........

After I had spent a good part of my youth being a member of the band, I was delighted when almost 4 years ago my daughter was keen to give it try. We haven’t looked back since. She loves being part of the band. It’s her place where she can be herself and she feels safe.

My duaghter has learnt to read music and is enjoying playing the cornet. The band has given her so many opportunities she would not have had without being part of the BYMB family. Because that is just what it is. A family. I love being part of the support group.
From a Parent .....

My eldest son joined BYMB when he was 12 years old. He was not very confident and not brilliant at playing the trombone. During his time at Band he has grown massively in confidence and he plays well now. He has just turned 18 and still loves playing music. The Band are not just musicians they are a family and have made him and my family very welcome.

They help children grow in music and develop their skills.  He has also enjoyed helping a new young player learn to play the trombone which I feel is very difficult.

Without Band he would have been hanging around the streets doing god knows what with friends so I am very thankful to the Band. 

My youngest followed at 8 into the Band and couldn’t play a note of music. He is now on first cornet and again loves music.  At 14 years old he knows he wants to go into the forces to play music.  

I am very thankful to the Band
From a Parent .....

My foster kids joined band last year it gave them lots of confidence in mixing with other young people it also helped massively in first lock down as band practice continued on zoom. 

They have made friends enjoyed Xmas carols , marched in memorial parade proud as punch my kids are ages 8,9,11. 

Band leaders were patient in helping to understand music to play and also to read , band provided instruments allowed to be taken home to practice at kids own speed , 

I am a very proud carer watching a massive change in a very positive way for kids in my care , 

Thank you to Band managers for all your support and understanding ,