Bournemouth Youth Marching Band

Amici Per Musicam - Friends Through Music


Are you

Over 8 years old

Available on Wednesday evenings?

Do you want to

Make friends for life

Learn a skill 

Gain confidence

Travel in the UK and Europe

Play great music

Perform in concerts, parades, carnivals and displays

Have fun?

Yes - then BYMB is for you. Your first month is free and after that there is a joining fee of £20 and an economic membership subscription of £10 per month.

In addition to music we also value and promote important life skills such as commitment, teamwork, respect, determination, confidence, honesty, responsibility, self-discipline and leadership. Everyone works together to flourish as a Band.

So why should young people learn to play an instrument?

  • music is one of the few activities in life that utilises the entire brain
  • research suggests that early music tuition improves a child's maths skills significantly
  • trained musicians more efficiently switch from one mental task to another
  • 20% of children learn to play music, 70% of adults wish they had

Want to know more?

BYMB meet most Wednesday evenings from 6:30pm till 8.45pm at Howe Croft Community Centre in Turnbull Lane which is off Holloway Ave.

We have an open door policy. We are always recruiting new members are you are welcome to come to any rehearsal and find out more.

All instruments, most parts of the uniform and tuition are provided. Some members though choose to have their own instruments.

Members in our band develop their skills playing an instrument in a friendly, modern, fun and supportive environment.

As a wind band we have the full range of brass and woodwind instruments, drums, tuned percussion and bugles.

We play a very wide range of music, suitable for any occasion.

There is no minimum standard required to join. All standards and abilities are welcome. For younger members who may be new to music or playing an instrument we provide the training and teach you everything you need to know.

We are not just a rehearsal band. We have a sensible programme of great performances as well as social events for our members to enjoy.

In BYMB it's not all marching - far from it - as we hold our own concerts as well as playing in concert style for various other events. 

Our young people are at the heart of everything we do.

Our leaders have up to 30 years experience in running and playing in Youth Bands. They are trained in Leadership, Youth Work, Safeguarding and First Aid.

Adult membership (18+) is for suitably experienced musicians and is subject to a role being available, references and a safeguarding check. Adult members help the younger members to develop their music making skills.

If you are interested in joining the Band please send an email to Go on, give us a try!