Bournemouth Youth Marching Band

Amici Per Musicam - Friends Through Music


Wednesday 20th October

Visit by the Army's Band and Bugles of the Rifles

A great evening's training working on the music, drill and display to a new piece for our Band.

Saturday 16th October

Bournemouth Square

Royal British Legion Centenary Celebrations

The Band performed 9 pieces of music anging from Sir John Moore, Death and Glory, Highland Cathedral, Slaidburn and World In Union to Captain America, Rolling In The Deep, Final Countdown and the Raiders March.

Saturday 9th October

Bournemouth Supernova 5k run.

Members, Parents, Friends and Band Supporters gathered to run and to cheer on our runners in the Supernova 5K along the seafront at Bournemouth.

Wednesday 15th September

Band meeting at Army Reserve Centre, Wallisdown Rd

We provide the instrument, the music, the training, the uniform, the safe place to learn and the programme of great performances all for £10 per month.

Sunday 121th September

Band Camp

Concert for parents, families and supporters.

Sunday 121th September

Band Camp

Marching display for parents, families and supporters.

Sunday 121th September

Band Camp

Personal preparation is important - shoe cleaning.

Sunday 121th September

Band Camp

7.30am Reveille to wake everyone up.

Saturday 11th September

Band Camp

Evening Pop Up pop band.

Saturday 11th September

Band Camp

Rehearsal for our Camp Concert

Saturday 11th September

Band Camp

There's lots of free time to relax and socialise on Band Camp.

Saturday 11th September

Band Camp

There's lots of free time to relax and socialise on Band Camp.

Saturday 11th September

Band Camp Sectionals

One of the Corent groups.

Saturday 11th September

Band Camp Sectionals

Bell lyres practicing a new piece of music.

Saturday 11th September

Band Camp Sectionals

Here's our clarinet group.

Friday 10th September,

Band Camp

Our Friday evening Banf Camp disco

Friday 10th September

Our Band Camp starts at the Girl Guides Centre in Dudsbury just a few miles north of Bournemouth.

The Camp has been postponed twice due to Coronavirsu restrictions.

Members are sleeping in bedrooms, dormitories and tents to comply with the current DCMS and National Youth Agency residential guidelines.

Wednesday 18th August

Our annual Beach Party, a little later than normal to benefit from the lifting of some Covid restrictions.

Another very well attended event greatly enjoyed by everyone.

Wednesday 11th August

A well deserved summer break away from rehearsals.

Games Night at Redhill Park. Well attended by members and parents.

Wednesday 21st July

A fantastic rehearsal with the CTCRM Band of the Royal Marines from Devon.

During the evening we worked on Sailing and Gibraltar and also played through some of our regular pieces of music.

A great opportunity and experience for everyone.

Wednesday 12th May

Band Meetings continue Ciovid Secure and socially distanced.

We continued rehearsing Song for the Frontline whilst the Drums videoed the Waters Bugle Call for a BYBA / TYMBA online collaboration.

We also rehearsed the music for a display routine to be performed when restrictions allow and tackled one or two other pieces. Great work!

Wednesday 21st April

Our second rehearsal following Lockdown.

Tuition and private practice
Practicing marching and playing
Tuck / tea break
Split into 2 groups - wind and drums - for practice
Back together to play a final piece
Wednesday 14th April -  Face to face Band meetings at the ARC resumed today

We played through some of our staple music and practiced quick and slow marching.

After the break we contined reharsing having split into 2 groups -  drums and wind.

We came back together just before the end of the meeting to play the bugles and band march Sir John Moore.

A brilliant start.

Wednesday 10th March

We are training online again with 5 streams running this evening.

Good progress is being made and these sessions are proving very productive.

We look forward to the time when we can come together again as a Band, hopefully on Wednesday 14th April.

Wednesday 24th February

Online training continiues as we begin to make preparations for the retum of face to face meetings when restrictions allow.

Music being practiced includes Song for the Frontline and the TYMBA Bugle Call, both for an online collaboration with other BYBA and TYMBA Bands at Easter.

Wednesday 17th February

Online training continues with 5 streams running again this evening.

Participants are tacking a range of music from thr Band's repertoire.and good progress is being made.

Preparations are being made for our members to take part in the BYBA / TYMBA Online Massed Band performance.

Wednesday 27th January

Another week online.

Thank you to the tutors and everyone involved.

Wednesday 20th January

Online training is progressing with 5 streams each week.

Good progress is being made by all the members taking part,

Wednesday 6th January

With the country now in lockdown again Band training has reverted to online only.

The first sessions were held today with more starting next Wednesday. Thank you to everyone involved.

Stay well and stay safe everyone.

Wednesday 23rd December

This evening we played through much of our carnival music. 

These are the pieces that we find are especially popular with carnival audiences. We've really missed all the carnivals this year. 

We finished the meeting with pizzas in place of the usual Band Christmas party.

Our performance and fund raising income has been severly impacted by Covid19. Our aim is to raise funds to help support the Band, our events, training and activities in 2021.

We are self funded and run entirely by volunteers all of whom are unpaid. 

We still don’t know when normal performances and fund raising will be able to take place.

We gratefully acknowledge the help of the following:

Amelia Skeats
Andrew & Jane Kinch
Teresa Kerr
Kirsty Drewett
Michael Baker
Lesley Criticos
Natasha Davey
Julie Stevenson
Nadine Hilton

Wednesday 16th December

Our Covid19 secure and socially distamced meetings continue.

We are now rehearsing music for next year and looking firward to when things return to normal..

Wednesday 2nd December

It's been a year since our last performance and we are all missing our live performances.

We have again been providing tuition remotely over Zoom during the Lockdown.

We return to face to face meetings next week with some tuition continuing online.

We look forward to the day when we can play in public again.

Wednesday 18th November

Tuition is continuing online during the lockdown. 

Thanks to everyone involved in this.

A flashback to our bandstand performance in Luxembourg, August 1999.

Stay well and stay safe everyone

Wednesday 4th November

We had a very productive final rehearsal before entering the new lockdown tomorrow. Great job everyone.

Our Band training now reverts back to online only until the restrictions are eased.

Stay well and safe everyone.

Wednesday 14th October

A great first meeting at our new venue.

After an introduction and tour of the building we played through some on the music in our folders.

We finished off by moving some of the Band equipment into the Band's storeroom.

The Band sounds great in the hall and the facilities are brilliant.

Wednesday 7th October

A great Band meeting tonight.

After some drill practice we split up into small groups with each creating and demonstrating their own display routine. To finish we played through some of our music including Don't Stop Believin', Swing March and Higland Cathedral.

This is our last meeting at Howecroft and next Wednesday we start at the Army Reserve Centre in Wallisdown Rd.

Wednesday 23rd September

We had a great meeting tonight. A concert band rehearsal followed by the tuck break and then sectionals. We came back together at the end for It's a Beautiful Day. Well done everyone.

This was our first indoor meeting since March. All the wind instruments including the bugles were fitted with barrier bell covers and the members socially distamced filling the large hall at Howe Croft.

BYMB - Making Musicians Safer.

Wednesday 9th September

Our furst concert sytle rehearsal outside in a socially distanced layout.

During the evening we also practiced slow marching and a new display manoevure.

Wednesday 19th August

It's week 4 of our Covid19 secure meetings.

The Band are niow playing brass and wind instuments outside in line with the latest Covid19 relaxation.

We rehearsed four pieces of music and also worked on quick and slow marching. We also practiced some display manoevures.We have also been trialling instrument bell covers ready for the time when we can play indoors.

The Band sounded great and we are so happy to be playing again.

Wednesday 12th August

Two groups again this week - drill / display and bell lyres.

A new display move was introduced this week and is going well.

Hopefullly we will be able to play our brass and wind instruments again soon.

Wednesday 5th August - Week 2 of our COVID19 secure meetings.

The two groups swapped this week.

Our young brass and woodwind players started to learn the bell lyre as it's still not possible to play their usual instruments in groups. They made good progress.

The other group - comprising of the percussion and the older wind players - refreshed quick and slow marching and also worked on a new drill move for our displays.

Again great progress was made.

Wednesday 29th July

Band meetings have resumed every Wednedsay albeit with COVID19 secure protocols.

One group practiced sight reading and playing bell lyres (glockenspiels) and the other group worked on quick and slow marching outside.

It was great to have everyone back together.

Wednesday 15th July

The online meetings continue and so much progress is being made. 

We can't wait for our meetings to resume and go back to doing what we love.

Wednesday 1st July

In line with the Corona Virus guidelines our online meetings have continued.

Our members have made great progress during the lockdown and well over 150 sessions of instrumental training and music theory have been delivered.

As we monitor the latest guidance and advice we hope to have news of our return to face to face Band meetings shortly.

Wednesday 17th June

Here's one of our online theory groups. They are working with the ABRSM Music Theory in Practice syllabus.

We all look forward to the day when the Band can come out of lockdown.

Wednesday 10th Jume - We have made it to Week 12 on the Online meetings.

Our online training is being supported by serving members of the Royal Marines Band Service and the British Army.

Wednesday 3rd June - The online training and tuition continues.

Our music theory group have taken a Mock ABRSM Level 1 exam with great results.

Wednesday 27th May 

Week 10 of online BYMB.

Everyone is making really good progress.

Wednesday 20th May

Week 9 of our online eBYMB meetings and the Clap for Carers on Thursday at 7pm.

Wednesday 13th May 

eBYMB Meetings continue.To date there have been over 250 sessions of online training and tuition.

Wednesday 6th May

Weekly eBYMB online meetings continue and members are playing every Thursday evening at 7pm for the Clap for Carers.

Wednesday 29th April 

eBYMB meetings, Clap for Carers and practicing at home.

Wednesday 22nd April 

The new normal for the Band. Online tuition and training that we call eBYMB.

Stay safe and well everyone.
Band Meetings have continued through January, February and March and we have been working on new music for the upcoming spring and summer performances. Additionally we are now providing music theory tuition based on the ABRSM syllabus.

The meetings are now suspended due to the threat from the Coronavirus.

Our meetings will restart as soon as it is safe to do so.
Friday 17th January  -  BYMB Awards Scheme

Our annual Awards Evening was held at The Village Hotel in Bournemouth. 

Here's our Gold Award Winners. There were also 4 Level 2s, 2 Bronze and 2 Silver Awards.

Friday 17th January  -  BYMB 2019 Trophies

Here's the winners of our Band Trophies for 2019.

Friday 17th January  -  2019 Membership Awards

Here's the winners of our Band Membership Medals for 2019.
Wednesday 12th December - Family Christmas Concert

Held at St Paul's Church in Throop. A great performance with a great audience. Thank you to everyone involved.

We played a selection of carols, Christmas music and some our favourite music from the last year.

Sunday 10th November - Remembrance Parade, West Moors

The Band led the Parade along Station Rd to the Memorial in the centre of the village.

Once again a large crowd remembering the Fallen. Lest We Forget.

Saturday 9th November - Remembrance Concert

Our annual concert in support of the Poppy Appeal. A sell out again this year.

A great performance to a wonderful audience. Thank you to everyone for your support.

Sunday 27th October - Burgess Hill Tattoo

We also participated in the Massed Bands finale performing Sussex by the Sea, Sunset, National Anthem, This is me and Final Countdown. This was conducted by Capt Laura Stead.

Sunday 27th October - Burgess Hill Tattoo

We performed our display routine to a sell out audience of 450. Music included Sir John Moore, Drum Feature, Captain America, Gibraltar, Slaidburn, It's A Beautiful Day and 1914. 

Saturday 26th October - Poppy Appeal Launch, Ferndown

The Band were proud to participate in the Poppy Appeal Launch held in the Barrington Theatre in Ferndown. Our bugle team also performed last post and Reveille.

The event was 'full and standing' and the Band had a great reaction from the organisers and audience.
Sunday 6th October - Display Rehearsal

An additional rehearsal at Rossmore Leisure Centre to practice the display ready for the Burgess Hill Tattoo.

Wednesday 25th September - Band Meeting

We had an excellent meeting this evening covering the display routine and the music for Remembrance. 

Here's the Eb Cavalry Trumpet Team practicing the fanfare Knightsbridge.

Saturday 21st September - Ringwood Carnival

Another great autumn carnival.  Large crowds along the carnival route and especially in the town centre. Sweet Caroline was especially popular!

Saturday 7th September - Blandford Carnival

The first of our autumn carnivals.

A good crowd, especially through the town centre, clearly enjoyed our music.

Saturday 12th August - Lyme Regis Carnival

Despite bad weather earlier in the day the event was well supported by the carnival participants and the spectators along the route. It was a great evening.
Sunday 4th August - Phantasialand

It was our last full day in Germany so we went to the Phantasialand Theme Park in Bruhl near Cologne.

We all had a great time here and had lots of fun before the long overnight journey home.
Saturday 3rd August - Bad Krueznach

Our final performance of the Tour at a terrific venue. A massive and appreciative audience.

We played two 45 minute sets plus 2 encores. We were delighted to get a standing ovation at the end.

Saturday 3rd August - Kamp Bornhofen

We spent the morning cooling off in the fantastic Open Air Swimming Pool in the village of Kamp Bornhofen. It's on the other side of the Rhine to Boppard so we had to travel an hour to get there.

Friday 2nd August - Boppard

Our afternoon concert in the Boppard Bandstand alongside the Rhine.

It was extremely hot in the small bandstand but we played a 1 hour set magnificently.
Friday 2nd August - Rhine Boat Trip

In the morning we went on a 1 1/2 hour scenic boat trip to St Goar.

The coach picked us up there after lunch to take us back to Boppard.
Wednesday 31st July - Menin Gate, Ypres, Belgium

The Band had the honour to play in the Last Post Ceremony at the Menin Gate. There was a massive audience as usual here;

We marched on to Slaidburn and off to the 1914 March Medley. As part of the Commemoration we played the Buglers Nocturne and also Highland Cathedral during the weath laying. We Will Remember Them.

Wednesday 31st July - Oostende, Belgium

A full length morning concert in the Wapenplein bandstand in the middle of town,.

The concert was well attended and clearly enjoyed by the audience.
Tuesday 30th July - Diksmuide, Belgium

The first performance on our 2019 Band Tour.

Unfortunately heavy rain forced the Concert to be curtailed after just a few pieces had been played.

Sunday 28th July - Swanage Carnival

A great performance by the Band in very hot and sunny weather. Great and appreciative audience along the route.

Just 2 days to the start of our Band Tour.
Sunday 30th June - Garden Party in Bisterne

The Band were delighted to be invited to play for a garden party in the village of Bisterne.

We played a range of music that was clearly enjoyed by the audience.

Saturday 22nd June - Throop Fun Day

The Band were delighted to take part in the Throop Fun Day and gave two Concert style performances. The event was really busy and our music was well received with lots of good comments.

Sunday 2nd June - D Day Commemoration, Ferndown

The Band played for this event including the two hymns and the Last Post / Reveille.

Unfortunately the weather took a turn for the worse just before the parade was to take place and the service was moved indoors.

Wednesday 29th May - Victory Tattoo

We also took the opportunity of a team photo in front of HMS Victory.

It was a great day and we look forward to the next one!

Wednesday 29th May - Victory Tattoo

To bring the tattoo to a conclusion we performed alongside the Royal Marines School of Music Band and the three other youth marching Bands. in a spectacular finale.

Wednesday 29th May - Victory Tattoo

Several weeks of rehearsals came to a conclusion with the Band performing a marching display at this tattoo in front of HMS Victory organised by the Royal Marines. 

We also launched our brand new uniform today. There were lots of very complimentary comments about the display, the music and the new uniform.

Wednesday 1st May

It was a very busy Band Meeting last night with preparations for our major performances at the Victory Tattoo and D Day Commemorations continuing as well as drill, bugle team practice, tuition, new uniform measurements and fittings. A great team effort.

Wednesday 10th April

Rehersals of the Victory Tattoo Massed Band music continued. Excellent progress has been made and the Band are really looking forward to this fantastic event. The Tattoo is on Wednesday 19th May starting at 2.30pm alongside HMS Victory at the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. Entry is free.

Saturday 6th April - Easter Fayre

The Band held their first Easter Fayre at Kinson Community Centre/ Special guests were the Easter Bunny and Buzz Lightyear.

A great afternoon and the Fayre was very will attended. Thanks to the Friends of BYMB, helpers, stallholders and customers.