Bournemouth Youth Marching Band

Amici Per Musicam - Friends Through Music


The Bournemouth Youth Marching Band is a traditional style youth band based close to the boundary between Bournemouth and Poole in Dorset. The Band is a registered charity and a member of Brass Bands England (BBE) and the Traditional Youth Marching Bands Association (TYMBA).

The Band is about much more than music and playing. We provide all the facilities and activities expected in a modern, friendly and supportive youth group environment.

As a youth organisation our aim is to promote our members personal and social development.  We work to build resilience, confidence, reliabilty, self-discipline, determination, commitment, leadership and character.. We give our members all the life skills that they will need to take their place in  the community. Our youth members are at the heart of everything we do.

The Bandmaster is Andrew Kinch and the Asst Bandmasters are Jenny Gerrard, Blake Harmer, Jane Kinch and Michael Baker.  Together they have well over 150 years experience of music and youth bands.

As a wind band we have the full range of brass and woodwind instruments. The 'Corps of Drums' comprises of drums and percussion with the snare drummers also playing bugles.

We provide the instrument, the music, the tuition and training, the uniform, the safe place to learn and the performance opportunities.

We are self funded and run entirely by volunteers all of whom are unpaid. There's no payroll here.

The Band holds regular concerts and also performs in musical displays, carnivals, parades and ceremonial events.

BYMB usually meets on Wednesday evenings from 6pm till 9pm at the Army Reserve Centre in Wallisdown Rd, close to the Mountbatten Roundabout.

As a Band we are passionate about our members making music and furthering their musical ability. Our members develop and practice their musical skills in a fun and supportive environment.

We play a wide variety of music from different genres including modern pop, film and show music, traditional marches and the classics. Our repertoire is regularly updated for the various events.


Our performance and fund raising income has been severly impacted by Covid19. Our aim is to raise funds to help support the Band, our events, training and activities in 2021.

We are self funded and run entirely by volunteers all of whom are unpaid. 

We still don’t know when normal performances and fund raising will be able to take place.

We gratefully acknowledge the help of the following:
Amelia Skeats
Andrew & Jane Kinch
Teresa Kerr
Kirsty Drewett
Michael Baker
Lesley Criticos
Natasha Davey
Julie Stevenson
Nadine Hilton